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TV Cook Eatery

What you saw is what you get
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Just this evening as I watched a television chef preparing a luscious meal, my mouth watered and I longed to taste it. Many people would like to try the TV cooking but lack the skill, time or recipe. One or a chain of restaurants could feature TV cook fare. The menu would mirror the latest week’s broadcasts, easily duplicated by chefs with a supply of fresh ingredients and spices. The dishes could be previewed while waiting for a table in the lounge, where muted-volume TV monitors each showed different clips from the programs.
FarmerJohn, Jul 23 2002


       A number of TV chefs have their own restaurants and feature recipes from their menus, so this would make this at least half Baked.
DrCurry, Jul 23 2002

       The chef mentioned in the first annotation above is one of those so described in the second annotation above.
waugsqueke, Jul 24 2002

       This should be for a delivery service rather than a restaurant. If you can't be bothered to make the stuff yourself then your probably not going to make the effort to get dressed up and go out for a meal either.
DrBob, Jul 24 2002

       So, they should deliver TV dinners?
FarmerJohn, Jul 24 2002

       That would be pizza, no?
drew, Jul 24 2002

       Would the name of the place be "The As Seen On TV Restaurant?"   

       One problem I see with this idea is, there are so many reruns of tv cooking shows. What counts as "latest week's broadcasts?"   

       I would suggest instead: Have a fixed, regular, menu, with each item on the menu being from some cooking show (the name of the series, and episode would be mentioned as part of the dish's description). This allows the chef to get used to cooking those dishes, and get good at it.   

       To add variety to the menu, there would be customer survey cards given with the bill, asking, "What's your favorite TV cooking show, your favorite episode, your favorite recipe?"   

       The cook(s) would then watch those episodes, and turn the featured recipes into the restaurant's daily specials.
goldbb, May 27 2009


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