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Ventriloquist Restaurant

Two Gottles of Geer please.
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Patrons are urged to bring their own puppets etc and talk to each other and to the staff through ventriloquism.

Waiters and waitresses speak to you via a dummy perched on their arm, and if at some time you should forget and speak normally, you shall be rudely ignored.

Dummies, puppets etc can be loaned at the door, but if worse comes to worse one of your socks will do.

Meals can take some time, as Chefs prepare all food via colorful marionettes and/or shadow puppet.

benfrost, Mar 31 2007


       I dink its a hunderkull idea. Hag a gun.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 31 2007

       Madame, there is a sock in my soup.
xandram, Apr 01 2007

       red-rum, red-rum, red-rum, red-rum, red-rum, red-rum, red-rum, red- rum.... my favourite line from any movie, spoken for me in a squeaky voice by my invisible sock friend. +
xenzag, Apr 01 2007

       Judy drank my punch. :)
not_only_but_also, Apr 02 2007

       Are you sure that the puppet on their arm is the dummy?
BJS, Apr 02 2007

       ...and does this taste stringy to you?   

       And next door is the talking baby doll cafe.
skinflaps, Apr 02 2007

       okay I'll bring a dummy... DAD!
crash, Apr 03 2007


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