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Tie Fountain

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An art installation, for installation in whatever smooth and right-angled corporate plaza you feel most requires it, that celebrates the single manner in which today's professional man can express his identity: the tie.

Yes, this fountain squirts neckties from its spouts, each tie arcing and unravelling like a hooligan-tossed toilet roll, a streak of colour unfurling against the austere background of polished granite Speerian architecture, before falling into the pool.

Ties are collected by means of a magnet, placed in the tip of each tie, this magnet being sufficient to ensure a comely arc of flight, and a magnetically guided journey, nose first, into the subterranean bowels of the fountain, where the tie is re-rolled and pumped back up the spout, again into the chill light, to be marvelled at by each downtrodden drone that passes.

calum, May 09 2007

I learned somthing new... http://www.randomho...pperl?date=20000824
[xandram, May 10 2007]

The inspiration http://www.thai-fountain.com/
on a circuitous walk home [calum, May 14 2007]

Sports_20Tie [hippo, May 16 2007]


       The whole thing could easily be done with compressed air.   

       This would be a cool home bling accessory for someone who wears ties (I don't). Imagine opening the closet and selecting a tie from a continuous fountain of them ... [+]
nuclear hobo, May 09 2007

       "Purple with red? I guess I'll wear that one."   

       Genius for its obvious insanity. [+]
shapu, May 09 2007

       This fountain is knot in Windsor then?
skinflaps, May 09 2007

       I think I'd like one in my closet.
DrCurry, May 09 2007

       I can't wait to see the "CSI" where they go round to the house of someone who had been pushed into his own tie fountain, then minced and fountained out by the terrible machine.
hippo, May 09 2007

       //This fountain is knot in Windsor then?//   

       Only halfway.
shapu, May 09 2007

       Thailand Shirley.   

       I like it and what's more I think that there are office building developers wacky enough to install one here (Dubai).
marklar, May 09 2007

       [hippo], that'd be a man jerky fountain.
calum, May 10 2007

       + yes, please tie one on...
xandram, May 10 2007

       You could use it as an alternative national lottery machine.
wagster, May 11 2007

       This will work particularly well with kipper ties.
Jinbish, May 11 2007

       excellent. Puts me in mind of the machine which built and launched paper aeroplanes.
moomintroll, May 11 2007

       I was going to put up an idea called "Down Me Kangaroo Tie Sport" about ties that sprung up like Kangaroo tails... but this is similar enough for me to not need to now (will save own idea for future ref)   

       A most excellent notion, monsieur calum +
xenzag, May 12 2007

       Brilliant. I don't think they have to be rolled; the magnets in the end provide a way for the machinery to grab each tie and move it around.   

       Very fun idea: coupled remote fountains. Two fountains at a distance from each other, which shoot ties to each other. One shoots low and the other shoots high, so ties don't collide and fall on unsuspecting cubists.
elhigh, May 15 2007

       [xenzag] see link...
hippo, May 16 2007

       [elhigh], the rolling was not just for aethestic effect, for if the ties are unrolled before launch, there will be a certain amount of friction retarding the speed of the tie as it attempts to depart the spout. Rolled ties should fly further, rather than limply rolling out of the spouts, looking like a panting dog's curiously paisley-pattered tongue.   

       Battling fountains would be awesome, though. Careful planning and precision engineering would allow a person to lie on his back between the two fountains and watch tartans appear, each clan represented in alphabetical order, though all with a pale blue (or grey) background.
calum, May 16 2007


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