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T.V. Domain-Name Grabbing

Taking domain names from T.V. shows
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Sometimes characters in TV shows will mention a web address, usually as a joke. Imagine all the people that might try that web address!

Let's make a sport out of this. When potentially fake web addresses are mentioned in TV shows, a player will scramble to look it up. If it's not taken, (quickly!) register for that domain. Put up pay-per-view advertisements, petitions, obscenities, anything! Tens of thousands of people might see it soon.

Akabaka, Feb 20 2006


       And this is an invention, how?
bristolz, Feb 20 2006

       //Given that it takes at least a couple of days for new domains to wend their way through the system// The last 4 domains that I've registered were "through the system" in less than 2 hours.   

       It USED to take a couple of days.
zigness, Feb 21 2006

       True. I bought a domain for a friend a week or so ago and I bought hosting from the same company and the whole thing was up and running within minutes. I was amazed.
bristolz, Feb 21 2006

       Okay, objection withdrawn.
DrCurry, Feb 21 2006

       I assume most shows would register any fictional domain they mention well before the episode airs, to avoid issues like this...
allterrainbrain, Feb 22 2006


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