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Spam Olympics

See how much spam you can generate in a week
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Set up a huge email server with no spam protection and sign up participants. At a designated time, they’re all giving a randomly generated email address. The participants have one week to sign up on as many newsletters, porn sites, etc as possible. The winner would have the most spam in their inbox at the end of the week. Various rules would apply. It would be an absolutely useless but rather interesting sport.
nolanpro, Jul 24 2006


       did you know that leaving a pc hooked up to the internet with no surfing and no virus protection will net you at least three viruses in twenty minutes?   

       there should be an extra category for people who can get their computers to become zombies and start propagating spam.
tcarson, Jul 24 2006

       My inbox is already in the running. Sign me up for a competitors account. And some pharma buy stock in your big member $$$.
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       This may be off topic, but I know someone who once had over 10,000 unread messages in his bulk.
apocalyps956, Jul 25 2006

       Maybe we know the same guy. He had 12000 unread messages in his work email, 9000 of which being notifications that his mailbox was over its size limit. This fact was exposed after it was noted that he didn't reply to any emails. The crazy coot had never opened his mailbox in several years of employment.
Texticle, Jul 25 2006

       Off topic, but I know an engineer who deliberately pulled the same trick with his voicemail.   

       "Oh, my phone isn't working right. You'll have to call me on my cellphone."
normzone, Jul 25 2006


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