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Tablet Calligraphy Pen

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The nib of the pen is bipart. Varying the pressure creates a variable splay. On a multitouch surface, both contact points are sensed. The upshot is a tablet can be used to create fine calligraphy involving realtime variable linewidth. The nib can also be manually set to a fixed width, for that type of artistic penmanship.
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2016

Wacom http://www.wacom.co.../cintiq-companion-2
If you want to do serious art on your tablet, you need one like this... [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 26 2016]

Or this one... http://www.wacom.co...om-mobilestudio-pro
MobileStudio Pro [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 26 2016]


       But the tip of the stylus is already pressure sensitive, so there is no need to make a physically "spreading" tip, when it can be done with software.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 26 2016

       ^ perhaps, but that wouldn't do anything for angle-of-nib stuff.
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2016

       //assert greater pressure// Actually, I'm trying to define a new style of writing - increase nib/brush width with greater pressure, giving integral variable bold.
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2016

       Wacom digitisers have 5 degrees of data as standard (x-position, y-position, tip pressure, x-tilt, y-tilt) and stylus rotation as well if you spring for the fancy "art pen". As I said, this can easily be done with software. I suspect you just need to buy a better tablet...
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 26 2016


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