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Writhing Tablet

When only a "handwritten" letter will do.
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A device having voice recognition capability and thumbprint security. The user's handwriting is sampled (the quick brown fox, etc.) and contained in memory. The author holds a fixed pen with his thumb on the print sensor and speaks the message. The pen rests on a tablet that writhes out the words in the user's handwriting. Left handed models for inverted page lefties at no extra cost.
cudgel, Oct 04 2009


       It would be more realistic if you sampled each letter multiple times and added some intentional blots or misplaced dashes.
DrWorm, Oct 04 2009

       DrW-Notice the lack of spell check?
cudgel, Oct 04 2009

       Inverted page lefties have their arm in a hooked position with the page at an angle and lefties with more left brain influence place the page in front of them as would right handers.
cudgel, Oct 05 2009

       Surely there are lefty-friendly languages more useful than Arabic. Hebrew, perhaps?
goldbb, Oct 05 2009

       or Khipu?
loonquawl, Oct 06 2009

       [-] for misleading me with this enticing title. I thought for sure this would have something to do with writing ("writhing") hate mail. I'm disappointed to learn that there is no hatred requirement to use the device.
XSarenkaX, Oct 10 2009

       Chinese is written top to bottom. And it's compatible with either-handedness because the ink is dry by the time you get to the top of the next line!
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 11 2009


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