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Tabletop Semaphore

The solution for poor Restaurant acoustics
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Fed up of looking forward to an evening out at a new restaurant, only to discover that bare floors and walls result in terrible acoustics making it almost impossible to hear a conversation from across the table...

Tabletop Semaphore fixes the problem.

Pop a couple of small Semaphore flags in your top pocket (including spares for your guests) simple instructions on the signalling system and Bravo you can communicate easily with your friends regardless of the surrounding acoustics.

Tabletop Semaphore is also great for Night Clubs and noisy concerts.

Micky Dread, Jul 31 2005

Restaurant Semaphore Restaurant_20Semaphore
Has some similarities to this idea, but [DocBrown]'s idea was more about communicating with waitstaff than one's tablemate. [jurist, Aug 01 2005]


       I've seen this. Somewhere.
DesertFox, Aug 01 2005

       See below, DF. [link]
jurist, Aug 01 2005

       Wait, you don't just text each other on the phone?
theircompetitor, Aug 01 2005

       This was mentioned in one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. (Very highly recommended, especially to anyone who appreciated Douglas Adams.)   

       //Bravo//? Voila, perhaps.   

       Bravo for pointing up the silliness of meeting places where conversation is impossible. But not a croissant.
baconbrain, Aug 03 2005

       When I read the title I tought this was about having traffic lights on your table, perhaps to signal the waiter that you need something. The reason I thought this is because in portuguese the word "semaforo" means traffic light... yeah, ok. Who cares, right?
PauloSargaco, Mar 30 2006


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