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Tranquil Restaurant

You wouldn't know it was a restaurant.
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Every time I wander into a Roadhouse Grill (chain restaurant in the states) I am greeted by the roar of one hundred families shouting conversations and a poor hostess who can't hear my deep tones over the noise. I wouldn't put myself in a situation like this, going to a crowded restaurant with good, cheap food, but the only empty restaurants around me have lousy food and lousy service. Even the goumet restaurants draw wild dinner crowds, and most of them have live bands, compounding the noise issue.

What I want to do is to open a quality, low-price restaurant with a homely feel, only without the card tables and lawn chairs. It would have somewhat subdued lighting and none of the tables would be in sight of one another. While this lack of sight may encourage rowdiness, soft music would be playing to counter any extreme talking.

I think that the separated tables could be achieved by landscaping, lots and lots of landscaping, to make it look like the walls were made of plants. Plants would do a decent job of stopping noise, and they don't cost to much.

Additionally, the waiters (or waitresses) would have to act calm and subdued when they arrived, as if this were their only table, but still move as quickly as possible once out of sight.

Condiment, Oct 31 2003


       And the waiters would WAIT until you finished whispering a sentence to your date before they say something.
mr2560, Oct 31 2003

       No one goes to Roadhouse Grill anymore. It's too crowded.
phundug, Oct 31 2003

       //What I want to do is to open a quality, low-price restaurant with a homely feel//   

       Well, make sure you only hire ugly waiters.
k_sra, Oct 31 2003

       If you want a guarantee on the homely feel, stay home. Way more romantic. Yes, cooking and cleaning after yourself might be a pain, but believe me, it's the only way a food service can guarantee you complete privacy.
Pericles, Oct 31 2003

       Hey if you hired mimes as waiters they could mime the specials of the day and take your orders. this would ensure the peaceful tranquility of your dining experience. Hopefully they dont walk into that pesky invisible box while returning with your food.
partouzard, Apr 25 2006

       My work place rest room is somtimes like how you describe the noisy place to eat. Other times it is so peaceful. I really liked your idea.
thepowerofone, Apr 25 2006


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