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Take Your Mom to Work Day

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Take your mom to work day or someone that you pass off as your mom.
vfrackis, Nov 03 2014


       Well, at least it's not in other:general
normzone, Nov 03 2014


       "Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about... your mother."   

8th of 7, Nov 04 2014

       Her work place or your's ? Will she have to take time off ?
popbottle, Nov 04 2014

       Not exactly akin to this idea, but one time a gay (male) friend of mine asked me to pose as his girlfriend for his mother, so she wouldn't think he was gay. I did it unwillingly...//So pass someone off as your mother// is not taking your Mom to work. Take a mannequin to work day could be more fun.
xandram, Nov 04 2014

       to your workplace so that she may interact with your collective associates mommies.   

       if your mom works then yes she would have to take time off
vfrackis, Nov 04 2014

       (begins searching for porn stars that could pass as my mom)
normzone, Nov 04 2014


       So you rant about working conditions at home. Your mom overhears. She talks about you Boss' s mom. Your boss' s mom tells the boss.   

       Next, You are fired and looking for a new job. ( If it's to be, it's up to me errr no up to my mom.)
popbottle, Nov 05 2014

       (begins searching for porn stars that could pass as my mom)   

       Two possible hazards, if you did find someone who looked exactly like your mother...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 05 2014


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