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Take a homeless almost to work

Car Pool Lanes
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Yes, folks, just think of all the time you can save getting to work by using the car pool lanes! Pick up one Homeless person at the on ramp to the freeway and then drive carefree in the Diamond Lane without worries of getting that stupid speeding ticket for not having 2 or more persons in the car. The best thing of all is just drop them off at your exit, they are homeless so it does not matter if you are 60 miles away from where you started.
BMuffen, Jan 22 2003


       and the benefit to them would be what?
Marassa, Jan 22 2003

       I like it. You would have to tip them, right? (Other uses for the homeless: promoting your political opponent -- give them t-shirts from your opponent's campaign, or anti-drug/alcohol messages.) Not a problem, but an untapped resource.
pluterday, Jan 22 2003

       FIshbone for taking advantage of the already disadvantaged.
waugsqueke, Jan 22 2003

       This is diabolical exploitation to say the least,stick an ad in the paper or...nevermind baaahhh!
skinflaps, Jan 22 2003

       It's like a negative taxi. The taxi pays the passenger by the mile so they can get a bus back where they got on.   

       The only flaw in your plan is having a stinky hobo in your lexus. You could install an easily cleaned steel/plastic passender seat and a taxi enclosure around it so he can's stink/stab you.   

       BTW, how do you get caught? Is it by camera or by being pulled over. If cameras are your only worry, it's time for one of those 'security dolls' that frightened women buy to make it look like they have a man in the car. Otherwise, you'll have to get an orangutan or a servant.
FloridaManatee, Jan 23 2003


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