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Taking out the trash..

Self managed waste
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Our compost heap at home, is huge, we chuck everything in there (i'm sure that broken monitor is half broken down into fertiliser by now) My idea is for people to start taking more responsibility for their own waste. Instead of putting rubbish out for the garbo's, i suggest burying it in our own back yards, going one better, and putting your bags into a machine (which at this stage, i call 'the-g00r') which will did a small hole in your backyard, drop the bag in, and replace the dirt on top.. I reckon that if this machine were to do a full lap of your backyard (depending on size/amount of trash you throw out) then by the time it gets back to its original position, the original hole would be ready for another load. And to those who dont want their backyard all dug up, you could even buy the shovel accessory, which would slice the top layer of grass off, before it did the digging, and replace it afterwoulds..
g00r, Jul 11 2004

oil from turkeys http://news.nationa...1125_turkeyoil.html
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I think that your machine would have to do some sorting as well as burying. Some items that form part of household waste can easily be recycled but will not easily decompose, and therefore are not suited to burying.   

       Many items that decompose may produce a quantity of toxic chemicals or explosive gases, especially during the early stages. Burying rubbish may contaminate ground-water and soil or, in extreme circumstances, create a risk of explosion.   

       I'm with toejam in believing that the best thing you can do is consume responsibly. That which you cannot deal with effectively is best recycled by/ disposed of by experts rather than buried under your back lawn, no matter how fancy a machine you design for doing so.
st3f, Jul 11 2004

       Finely shredded and sifted trash that is spread evenly across some vacant land or lawns will scarce be noticed. Oh, and what [toejam] said.
dpsyplc, Jul 11 2004


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