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Stirling engine powered composter

A composter driven by a Stirling engine
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The idea is for a tumber composter, turned by a Stirling engine driven by the difference in ambient temperature and the heat given off by the compost itself.

I think it would have the advantage of being self-regulating, if it were designed right, though some seasonal adjustments might be necessary.

phoenix, Mar 28 2008

Mother Earth News reviews Compost Tumblers http://www.motherea...mpost-Tumblers.aspx
More background on compost tumblers in general. [jutta, Mar 28 2008]


       (for the record: that first bun isn't mine - I never vote on my own ideas)
phoenix, Mar 28 2008

       Great idea. Endless configurations. +
nomocrow, Mar 28 2008

       I like the idea of a self-rotating, ambiently powered composter very much. The turning time will be so slow you have lots of flexibility in power sources.   

       My choice would be a tiny toy propeller, geared WAY WAY down to spin the barrel every month or so using wind power.
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 28 2008

       Or some sort of waterwheel-esque rain catcher that rotated half a turn each time the top bucket fills? Might need a crude flap valve lid for each bucket to let water in but prevent evaporation.
david_scothern, Mar 28 2008

       Tremendous. Now build it, ride the "lazy-but-green-at-heart" wave and make yourself rich.
sprogga, Mar 29 2008

       My limited understanding of compost is that it needs to be warm but not too warm; hence a Stirling which turns it when it gets too warm, thus cooling it slightly, would provide the necessary feedback mechanism. Excellent.
angel, Mar 29 2008

       What's with all these sensible ideas lately? great +
xandram, Mar 29 2008

       Buns to [phoenix] and [sprogga].
wagster, Mar 30 2008


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