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Talking Dolls (Adults only)

Interactive talking doll
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I believe that inflatable speakers have recently been invented and the first of these are now available for sale (see ellula.com) I find the idea of combining this new technology with "sex toy blow up dolls" rather amusing. It would no doubt allow neat interactive responses to occurr ..................................................................
Lancaster Bomber, Aug 16 2002

Google suggests this is Baked http://www.001-adul...tNumber=dj1710-00bx
(But I'm not about to try and verify it.) [DrCurry, Aug 20 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       //interactive responses // ?
Would you be doing this by defining bodily regions then churning out responses based on.. pressure applied?
NickTheGreat, Aug 16 2002

       Talking dolls exist.
Talking sex dolls exist.
One period is sufficient.
Other:General is the wrong category.
Please search before posting.
Welcome to the HalfBakery (if I haven't already).
phoenix, Aug 16 2002


       Your negativity is overwhelmingly depressing. Lighten up and don't take yourself so serious .......................... mutter.....mutter......wrong category .......... mutter...... mutter.... talking sex dolls exist..... mutter ... mutter.   

       Did I say talking sex dolls didn't exist ????   

       NO I DID NOT !   

       What I did say was that combining NEW inflatable speaker technology with existing blow up doll technology might be fun.   

       You muppet.
Lancaster Bomber, Aug 17 2002

       maybe you could have like special limited edition dolls which have voices of famous people, like Madona.......or Bill Clinton.
amazing, Aug 17 2002

       //You muppet//
Ancient Chinese Proverb: It is considered unwise to compare phoenix to muppet, when one has own head up ass.
thumbwax, Aug 17 2002

       calm down, lancaster, calm down. phoenix was merely pointing out the existence and not, as far as I can tell, *really* complaining. Then, he was being nice and welcoming you to HB.
BTW, I agree with his comment on periods (which briefly had me miffed due to non-americanisation), or 'full stops' as they're known on this side of the pond.
NickTheGreat, Aug 17 2002

       //You muppet// you will only bring out the animal in him.   

       "want food, NOW"
po, Aug 17 2002

       or simply bad concepts.
watermelancholy, Aug 18 2002

       Fair enough that sex dolls and inflatable speakers have yet to be combined, but the only application you seem to have for the combination is 'interactive responses' (which I take to mean verbally responding to the sex act) and what's new about that? Nevertheless, link removed. Delete my annotation(s) if you feel they're irrelevant.   

       One last thing, would you consider 'Product:Toy Figure or Doll', 'Culture:Sex' or 'Health:Sexual Aid' instead of 'Product:General'?
phoenix, Aug 19 2002


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