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Vibrating Quiche

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Quiche has a rubbery quality similar to tofu or human flesh, and because of this is a suitable material for all manner of sex toys.

The vibrating Quiche comes in its own kit - simply crack a few eggs, add some parsley, a bit of cheese and salt to taste and pour the ingredients into the cast mould.

The girth and length is up to your imagination as the cast can be stretched and manipulated into your own Quichey taste. Once poured, simply insert the vibrating stem and place in a hot oven for 30-40 minutes.

Not only is this device satisfying, but also makes as a delicious afterwards meal.

benfrost, Apr 22 2005


       Lorraine? What's got into you?   

       (sings) "I can see Deirdre now, Lorraine has gone"
hippo, Apr 22 2005


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