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Sun Blocking screen

Computer Display that uses direct sunlight as a light source.
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This is a computer screen that unblocks a sun blocking capacity in order to display a pixel.

Maybe it would be a giant grid of small windows with window shades and you could send the signal to each pixel-window electronically and then at the location of the pixel-window there would be an elf who would raise and lower the window shade according to the signal.

JesusHChrist, Dec 03 2015

A large variant of this Idea ElectroMechanical_20Billboard_20Display
You might also look up the "interferometric" type of displays [Vernon, Dec 04 2015]


       There was a digital camera released sometime in the early 2000s that had a window above the LCD screen. If you were shooting outdoors in sunlight, you would open the shutter on this window, and sunlight instead of the regular backlight would illuminate the LCD from behind.
notexactly, Dec 04 2015


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