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Tapping MP3s

Tap a favorite tune, then hear it!
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Have you ever found yourself tapping the tune of "Iron Man" or "Bohemian Rhapsody"? Woldn't you rather just hear the song on your headphones? I would, so why not just attach a frustratingly complex(or alternately a simple, 'idiot-proof') sensor array on your feet, connect to your digital audio player, and tap out your favorite song. The player immediately searches it's hard drive for a matching tune, when it is found, the song is played. This obviously requires the song to be on the hard drive, but if you're tapping the tune out without concious thought, you have probably downloaded the song (il)legally and transferred it to your music playing device. This system could be built into digital audio players, or be manufactured as a standalone attachement.
whatastrangeperson, Feb 10 2004


       Home tapping is killing music.
lostdog, Feb 10 2004

       The reverse - play a song on your mp3 player; electrodes stimulate your leg muscles causing you to tap-dance to it - might be more entertaining.
benjamin, Feb 10 2004

       Or whistle it.
oxen crossing, Feb 11 2004

       [benjamin] has got the right idea.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 11 2004

       You "tap out a tune" and your hard drive finds "a matching tune"? You're not real musical are you, [strange]? You don't tap out tunes with your feet unless you are on the FAO Schwartz giant piano keyboard. You can tap out a rhythm, but the odds that the rhythm you tap out will bring up the very song you want to hear are pretty low.
k_sra, Feb 11 2004

       Not an MP3 recording of "The Raven" then?
half, Feb 11 2004

       Tap four on the floor. Do you hear 500,000 songs?
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 11 2004

       Produce foot tapping servos for false legs.
oneoffdave, Feb 11 2004

       Ok, during my turn, I cast Stasis. Your MP3's will not untap as usual.
sartep, Mar 10 2004


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