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Tune Whack

Natural Selection for your mp3 player
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Why is the fast-forward button the most over-used button on a mp3 player? Because as the number of songs increases on a player the quicker you are to fast-forward past so-so songs. "Tune Whack" is an additional button on mp3 players that "whacks" unpopular songs so that they are less likely to play. Over time, certain songs bottom out and disappear from your song list while the songs that remain are ones you truly like. "Tune Whack" has two different settings:

"Whack" gives a song a negative "vote" "Zap" instantly deletes the song off your mp3 player.

More sophisticated players could have a toggle switch that can bump a song up the list in addition to knocking it down the list.

lingamish, Jul 03 2006

Pandora http://www.pandora.com/
No, it doesn't have all the evils of the world in it. [Gallus, Jul 04 2006]


       I'm not sure I listen to music like this - I have some tunes that I would whack if I'm in one mood, and actively search for if I'm in another.
zen_tom, Jul 03 2006

       It could be pretty useful in the making of new playlists.
For example, in a calm mood - play the calm playlist and pick off the songs you don't feel like listening to.

       Whenever you listen to music again, pick the playlist to suit your mood and let it evolve around your current tastes. [+] From me.
fridge duck, Jul 03 2006

       [zen_tom] - agree, rarely-played, doesn't necessarily mean you want it 'zapped' - just maybe moved to the bottom.   

       [fridge duck] - like the progression on this.   

       Instead of 'next-track', you could pick 'calmer' ,'more banging'....   

       A bit like Amazon's "Customer who bought this,also ...",but adjusted for the listener own choices.   

       The player could perform statistical analysis of seasons and times of day also - summer songs, evening songs etc etc [+]
monojohnny, Jul 03 2006

       the iPod's shuffle feature acts a bit like this. no one's telling exactly how it works, but when you don't listen through a song completely, it doesn't pull up songs of similar genre as often as other songs. whereas when you let a song play, more songs are played that work with the first.
tcarson, Jul 03 2006

       Baked, see link.
Gallus, Jul 04 2006

       Does Pandora work on a mp3 player? Seems like Tune Whack is an attempt to evolve a new function on players in general and Pandora is an online music customization tool.
lingamish, Jul 04 2006

       Tune Rough-up ®, for mildly annoying music to which you just want to send a message.
methinksnot, Jul 04 2006


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