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Tattie Cones

A Yummy Savory Alternative
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Like ice cream cones, only crunchy bread rolls (with the top cut off and hollowed out), with a scoop (or more) of mash on top! This could then be topped with your choice of tommy ketchup (like rasberry sauce on cones) or daddies brown sauce (like chocolate sauce) and grated cheese instead of hundreds and thousands! Why not top it all off with a sausage flake! These could be sold from a van who drives round offices playing jingles on cold days! Just imagine the queues of hungry office workers legging it out of work... "get me a 99, i'll give you the money when you get back" etc. The excitement!
MikeOliver, Apr 05 2003

Did someone say baps? http://video.barnes...sp?ean=794043441332
[snarfyguy, Oct 05 2004]

Bodger and Badger http://www.bodgerandbadger.tk/
Only tangentally relevant, but fun. [DrBob, Oct 05 2004]


       The idea is a combination of a new way of serving food, and a new way of selling it. Are you not being a little picky? Look above, practically everything in this category could be deemed a recipe!
MikeOliver, Apr 05 2003

       and you are entitled to your opinion, i wonder where you stand on the great marmite debate! As i mentioned above, the recipe is only part of the idea. i agree the individual components aren't that thrilling, but as a whole i belive it to be a novel idea, and deserves to be treated as such whether you like the sound of it or not!
MikeOliver, Apr 05 2003

       Since the outbreak of the war we've had to crack down on recipe postings for security reasons.   

       An invention, a combination "soft-freeze" mashed potato and bread roll baking machine might be interesting though. Depends on how outlandishly complicated the proposal.   

       <off topic (as usual) > Mashed potatoes with a smoky barbecue sauce mixed into them are quite good. I've tried it. Oh and another one, I pureed some fresh cooked corn and blended those into mashed potatoes, too, once. Also tried chopped Kalmata olives. Less thrilled with that result. Looked like I was eating ground Dalmations. (Dalmashions?)
bristolz, Apr 05 2003

       Mash sarnies with cheese. Ummmmm
sufc, Apr 05 2003

       [bris]: Can't risk attacks by RPC's? (rocket-propelled croissants)
Cedar Park, Apr 06 2003

       Possible variant: bung some parsnip in with the spud and mash it all together. Add some butter as well as the cream. High fibre, high cholesterol. (At last - someone else knows what leeks are for!)
egbert, Apr 06 2003

       braised Bugs Bunny? oh no!
po, Apr 06 2003

       This gets a + from me Mike. As one who eschews sweet things I do miss the ice cream van experience and I think this would be a good alternative.
sild, Apr 07 2003

       Coming to this a bit late, but this would result in a product very similar to the baked potatoes already sold by some franchised operations.   

       While you specify mashed potato, the middle of a baked potato is generally mashed, and the available toppings include your meager wants. (My preference is chicken curry, but you should have been able to guess that.)
DrCurry, Apr 07 2003

       Your mashed potatoes are very different from mine or, at least, your baked potatoes are.
bristolz, Apr 07 2003

       I am specifically talking about the baked potatoes sold in baked potato fast food restaurants. They slice the potato, mash the middle up a bit, put weird toppings on. Not your grandmother's baked potato.
DrCurry, Apr 07 2003

       AH. Never tried those. I make them the night before and then reheat them. The cooling and reheating does something weird and great to the potato, softening the texture to something more resembling a yam. Yum.
bristolz, Apr 07 2003

       I'd've guessed that would produce something with the consistency of half-dried wallpaper paste, but maybe I'll try that sometime.
DrCurry, Apr 07 2003

       The possibilities are endless, Roast beef in a Yorkshire pudding cone, Scrambled egg in a tasty toast cone. Yeah!! this is really cool have a (+).
Micky Dread, Apr 09 2003

       Put the mash in a Yorkshire pudding cone! (thanks Micky Dread). Also, mix in parsnips, swede and sweet potato - turns it a bit orange but tastes fantastic, especially on sheppards pie. Great after a sunday roast, when youve got all the roast veges left over.
miasere, Apr 09 2003

       hmmm...my favourite has got to be mashed potatoe with lashings of butter, with thick onion gravy & norfolk mustard sausage...mmmmm   

       <---wipes drool of HB pages.
TonyDevilUK, Apr 10 2003

       TonyDevil, are you considering running for President in the US?   

       I like this idea, as it combines all four of the major food groups: spuds, baps, sausage and sauce.
my face your, Apr 10 2003

       Sauce is *not* a food group.
Choco-tastic is.
Jinbish, Apr 10 2003

       Oh come on. Everyone knows the four major food groups are curry, pizza, kebab ,and beer.
egbert, Apr 10 2003

bristolz, Apr 11 2003

       I am going to go home and try to make this tonight! Imagine them topped with beef stew! Yum!
lysdexia, Apr 11 2003

       i personally like the idea of mixing the mash with things to make different flavours! You could have one scoop of baked bean (mix mash and beans together) and another scoop of mince (you get the idea!). These could be put into tubs and frozen, so they just need a quick nuking before serving!
MikeOliver, Apr 11 2003

       Mmm, Mash! Try it with a white-wine mustard. Scrummy!
DrBob, Apr 13 2003


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