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Toothpaste Ice-Lolly

Freeze toothpaste on a stick, yum!
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Very carefully squeeze out about 4-6 inches of toothpaste onto a clean surface & gently insert a cocktail stick into one end. Place in the freezer for a few hours and hey presto a mint lolly snack that is minty and very good for tooth decay!
ease, Jul 31 2001


       next idea: freeze chewinggum? first I wanna know; did you try it yourself, [ease]?
Pleez, Jul 31 2001

       I wish someone would make a good sugar-free mint sorbet.   

       That being said, toothpaste doesn't actually work by being eaten, it works by being scrubbed against your teeth with a brush. I don't think rubbing a popsicle against your teeth will feel pleasant.
jutta, Jul 31 2001

       Please don't make popsicles from toothpaste or eat it in any other form. Toothpaste contains many substances that are not meant to be injested, including calcium carbonate and silica (abrasives), sodium laurl sulfate (a detergent), and sodium monofluorophosphate, stannous fluoride, and sodium fluoride (forms of fluoride). Fluoride is the most dangerous and can cause fluorosis, a condition characterized by permanent staining of the teeth, flaking tooth enamel, and stiffness in knees and elbows. Small ammounts of fluoride delivered during daily brushing assure better dental health, so brush your teeth twice daily, but do not consume toothpaste. -ChristineS.
ChristineS, Nov 04 2002


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