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Tattoo Shopping List

.. permanently etch those things you always need
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When food shopping, there are a few essentials you always need. You'll often grab the closest biro and scribble them on your arm by way of reminder

Dispense with such frivolities.

Have tattooed on your arm Milk, Bread, Cheese, Jaffa Cakes, under which, tattoo a line and the word "Other items". Biro in the other ephemerals.

brandnewheavy, Feb 16 2004

reminds me of Memento, tattoo solution to short-term memory loss http://slate.msn.com/id/111073/
[FarmerJohn, Oct 17 2004]

Clean Slate http://www.shop-fas...arch-locale-us.html
This 1994 Dana Carvey movie predated "Memento", and it had an audience ...sorta. For a laugh, though, read the Customer Reviews on this site for several examples indicating why you should not consider tattoos if spelling is not one of your acquired skills. I especially liked the use of the word "suddle". [jurist, Oct 17 2004]

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       How about tattooing them where they would be used? "Hand soap" on your hand. "Deodorant" in your armpit. "Toilet tissue" on your...never mind, it wouldn't work my way.
Klaatu, Feb 16 2004

       Sure, go ahead. Do it. Feel free. Be my guest. Power to ya. Right on. Whatever. Lead the way. (-)
k_sra, Feb 16 2004

       L*O*V*E, H*A*T*E, Matilda, Chicago Bears, milk, sugar, Eric, condoms, Arsenal, cheese straws...
po, Feb 16 2004

       Seems like the idea of useful tattoos would have existed already, but I couldn't find it. The idea extends to frequently-used phone numbers, common measurement conversion formulas, and mathematical equations you can never quite recall.
ConsultingDetective, Feb 16 2004

Don't answer the phone
lostdog, Feb 16 2004

       [lostdog] [farmerjohn] I never really understoof why, in Memento, Guy Pearce's character didn't just buy a dictaphone ... surely easier/less expensive than tattooing all necessary information on your body.
jonthegeologist, Feb 17 2004

       //L*O*V*E, H*A*T*E, Matilda, Chicago Bears, milk, sugar, Eric, condoms, Arsenal, cheese straws...//   

       You can afford to buy Arsenal [po]? Can I borrow Thierry Henry for a few hours then?
hazel, Feb 17 2004

       How about just writing everything on a small piece of paper, laminating it into a card, and keeping it in your wallet or purse? Less committment, more privacy. Come on, when you're 70 yrs old do you really want the whole world glancing at your arm and knowing that Prunes are essential?
tchaikovsky, Feb 17 2004

       Hazel, don't you think Jose Antonio Reyes the bees knees?
po, Feb 17 2004

       He's pretty handy [po] but I think Thiery will be better for what I had in mind <g>. Football wise though, if Jose fancies a loan period at Watford I'd be happy!
hazel, Feb 18 2004

       Rugy players, football players - bring em on!
hazel, Feb 18 2004

       What, hurling and lacrosse are suddenly (heh!) out of fashion? ...But what's this to do with tattoos for the paper deprived?
jurist, Feb 18 2004

       Baked in the movie "Momento"   

       If you look carefully at his tatoos, beyond the revenge stuff he has things like "wash" "change clothes" "remember to eat"
xylene, Feb 18 2004

       err. the thought just crossed my mind: what if for your school exams you got tattoos of all the useful stuff you needed to know.. they couldn't get you to cover everything up.
neilp, Dec 16 2004

       Sharpies cover all.
Cuit_au_Four, Jul 17 2005

       what's a Sharpie ?
neilp, Jul 17 2005

       Permanent marker->Sharpie Vacuum cleaner->Hoover
wagster, Jul 17 2005


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