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Taxing accountability

The great unwashed (public) can see what their money is being spent on
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Make payments of tax-payers money visible over the web.

- all transactions to be electronic, therefore instantly available for viewing (except where... see below). - the web site would offer analysis tools - salary of individual public sector employees (and MI5 et al) would be kept secret and aggregated up to the lowest level that permits that privacy / secrecy. - all public sector bodies would have to use the web payment site with internet access so each additional body does not add to the infrastructure cost. - security involves a key-fob dongle linked to a specific PC. - errr... that's it

eldon, Jan 24 2005

Public Access http://www.talkingp...week_2004_11_28.php
[JungFrankenstein, Jan 24 2005]

Copy Protection Dongle copy_20protection_20dongle
What a dongle is .... [egnor] [reensure, Jan 25 2005]


       I certainly think a line item explanation of the city, state and national budgets would be most illuminating.   

       But if you take it down to the level of each expenditure, you'll drown the general public with information, and only the special interest groups already responsile for most of the trouble will have the resources to make anything out of it.
DrCurry, Jan 24 2005

       Organized spending (government budgeting) defies analysis. You'd like to see more of it?   

       Personally, I'm astonished that the federal budget balances at all.
reensure, Jan 24 2005

       DrCurry, expenditures can be aggregatedd into categories, subcategories, spending body etc, as users - the public - see fit. Favourite profiles, most used profiles etc could be created - use your imagination. The point is acountability, and those responsible for spending our money, realising that as soon as the spending is done, the public know who, what, when and why.
eldon, Jan 24 2005

       There are states in the US that are, on their websites, keeping a list of taxpayers who are poor at making their payments. This was a good idea, but now it's time to be fair and turn the tables on the -taxspenders-. They are just as badly in need of some open exposure to what they're doing.   

       So, as far as your title and subtitle go, this is definitely a good idea. (Much of the rest is tricky to understand. I don't know what a "key-fob dongle" is, but it sounds funny.:) )
Albino Fox, Jan 24 2005

       www.talkingpointsmemo.com considers something related - with links. At the link above search "access" when you get to the page.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 24 2005


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