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"The Other Guy" Tax

A ballot initiative on taxation everybody can get behind.
  [vote for,

Measure T would allow unlimited taxation for any purpose as long as the party, group or entity taxed is not included in the database of those who voted for this measure.

These taxed entities could be individuals or corporations and the taxes raised could be in any amount and used for any purpose.

This would be a windfall for those who are savvy enough to vote for it and subsequentlly get listed in the "Do not tax" database.

It might also be the first ballot measure ever to get 100% of the vote.

doctorremulac3, Oct 15 2018


       actually this could be a great "sponsor" type thing on the check you get from the government.   

       I'm thinking "This section of the road is brought to you by the asshole who lives up the street and insists on having pink flamingos on his lawn"
theircompetitor, Oct 15 2018

       I'm thinking the idea needs a little more work put into the marketing.   

       "This message brought to you by Citizens For Better Things Through Better Stuff."   

       We've got an election coming up and the ads are along the lines of. "Proposition S keeps furry little squirrels safe and happy and stops the practice of gathering them up and dropping them into volcanos. If you love squirrels vote yes on proposition S!" while the other side says "Proposition S says it will save furry squirrels, when it actually takes them and throws them all into a wood chipper. If you love furry little squirrels, vote no on proposition S." Then I have to become an expert on the stupid subject matter that they're throwing in front of me.   

       Maybe it's time for an emperor. As long as I can be the emperor, except that I don't want to be so never mind.
doctorremulac3, Oct 15 2018

       Not Emperor...

       It has fewer harsh consonants and rolls more easily off the tongue.
'sides, it's not the ruling part you don't want so much as the eventual butcher-knife-holder status that comes along with it.
Fess up.

       That and I've always had a problem with authority. Strutting around with their hats.   

       Shiny jewel encrusted hats, hats with badges, tall hats that look like a foot tall egg on your head (Pope only).   

       Put a big hat on and rule those around you, that's how civilizations work.   

       Look at the Cat In The Hat. Walked in with his big striped hat and started telling everybody what's what. It's simply not possible to wear a big had and not oppress everybody around you. Try it. Impossible.
doctorremulac3, Oct 15 2018

       Explains why people become instant shits with those red ball caps...   

       Extreme nationalism is clearly the key since everyone is doing it nowadays. Quick, someone go find an archduke to shoot...   

       Maybe tax the last person to raise their hand up and say 'not it!'
RayfordSteele, Oct 16 2018

       Try it?   

       Well... I believe in Minarchism and I've been oppressed enough to not want to dish it out so...   

       ...I figure my odds are better than average, but absolute power corrupts absolutely sure enough, so checks and ballances would need to evolve. A united humanity under one rule is our ultimate logical outcome barring annihilation.
Our present situation is untenable.

       Sign me up.   


       We're talking about your sovereign campaign not mine.   

       //Maybe tax the last person to raise their hand up and say 'not it!'//   

       That would be a way to get people motivated to vote.   

       As far as my sovereign campaign, I vow to reign supreme over all my dominions of the Earth as long as I get a lunch break and a staff to do all the work. Also a company car, something flashy. Ohh, and what do you call those little sandwiches? Petifores? Those are pretty cool. Can I still eat at Taco Bell or would this be below my station?
doctorremulac3, Oct 16 2018

       You eat at Taco Bell? That explains everything. I can't afford such niceties...
RayfordSteele, Oct 16 2018


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