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Sleep well with the TechBed
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If you're like most Americans, getting a good night's sleep is a seldom (read miraculous) occurance. Stress from work, varying weather conditions, noises, lighting conditions, etc. all affect the performance of your sleep.

With advancment in technology, you'd think that your local matress store would have some sort of super technology to help you sleep your best, but instead you're sleeping on the same type of bed that's been around for thousands of years - a simple "cushion" that places you up off the ground and softens the foundation on which you sleep. Surely we can come up with a better sleep system than a mere mattress??

In comes the TechBed, a revolutionary sleep system that utilizes the latest and greatest of technology. Here's what the system consists of...

1. The base of the bed consists of a motorized platform that can raise your upper body - similar to those kind you see on tv for the old people

2. The bed is "enclosed" in a shell that closes over the bed to allow for adjustable lighting conditions and ablsolute temperature control via a closed loop heating/cooling system

3. Inside the bed and "chamber" are bio-feedback systems that can detect your sleeping cycles (heart rate, body temperature, etc). The chamber also insulates the sleeper from outside sounds.

Here's how the system works

1. You enter the bed and it sets itself to your ideal sleeping temperature (personal preferance)

2. The lighting adjusts from bright to darker and some calming music is available to sooth you.

3. As the light drops, the music drops too, and the system begins to monitor your sleeping cycle.

4. When it determines you've entered REM, then it all about your wakeup cycle

5. The bed gently begins to raise the temperature and increase the lighting, it also slowly begins to raise the bed platform so your head is elevated.

6. Naturally, you wake and you've had the ultimate rest!


No need to get your bedroom tempurate set "just right"

No need to close the blinds in your room when living in Alaska.

Handles "Hot Flashes" for women, by regulating body tempurature during sleep.

Temperature control system circulates air, so passing "gas" is not a problem.

No need to put ear plugs in when your kids won't quiet down.



People might feel sort of "closed in" like a coffin

proee, Jan 30 2007

Like This? http://www.metronaps.com/
[Ronx, Jan 30 2007]

The Smart Bed http://techland.tim...-call-it-smart-bed/
[theircompetitor, Jun 17 2012]


       Hands up who wants to be 'like most Americans'.
Texticle, Jan 30 2007

       A cat will fall asleep on the air vent.
pertinax, Jan 30 2007

       i would pay $10 000 for a bed like that, today. throw in a fembot, and i'd pay a little more. +++   

       seriously, i find soaking up a 3-Tesla field inside an NMR scanner comforting (done it 5x), so this bed would be a 'dream' come true.   

       please make one! i need more sleep, though if the inside of the 'shell' had a computer monitor, i'm sure i'd be up all night hanging around here. hmm, i do that anyway, but what the heck, i may as well do it in style.
TIB, Jan 30 2007

       I hope the "wakeup cycle" isn't too long.   

       It would help if the "chamber" was slightly pressurized with oxygen, since I'm on oxygen at night anyway.
BJS, Jan 30 2007

       //Hands up who wants to be 'like most Americans'.// what are most American's like ?
xenzag, Jan 30 2007

       [xenzag]: maybe americans just want things to be bigger, better, and bolder?? like making a simple bed into a space-capsule. if so, i have some american spirit in me!   

       that was my take anyway...
TIB, Jan 31 2007

       so it's a sort of Humvee of the bed world.... ? think I'll stick with my simple futon/pallet arrangement
xenzag, Jan 31 2007

       // Temperature control system circulates air, so passing "gas" is not a problem. // I was gonna suggest "Dutch Oven" for a product name, but you have that covered.
MoreCowbell, Jan 31 2007

       i like this idea. i live in new york and its way too noisy and bright. what about people who like to spread out? i think small range of motion is a con [+]
lilsis, Jan 31 2007

       In the 17th century folk used to sleep in box beds - these essentially were cupboards with doors that closed over, with the bed located inside. Read this description of the kitchen area of Rembrandt's house in Amsterdam which you can visit, and see in person how smart this sleeping arrangment was:   

       "The last stop is the Kitchen. This is where the family would eat their meals and the maid would cook and sleep in the box bed. ...."   

       from the way this is written you would think the maid would do her cooking in bed also !
xenzag, Jan 31 2007

       It would be rather like sleeping in an MRI machine, so bun for you if you throw in some kind of plasma screen on the 'shell's' inner surface so one could set it to whichever surrounding they wish. For example, a starry, moonlit sky (complete with shooting stars); or a hazy, warm field setting. Audio sounds and temperatures could add to the over-all soothing effect. Allowing the sleeper to drift into sleep imagining they are in their perfect setting. Aw, romantic no? Oh, and does it come in a double for the married couple..? +
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 31 2007

       The enclosure should have enough clearance near the middle so that the user can sit upright.
BJS, Feb 01 2007

       Attached a video of a bed that makes itself. Can't seem to find an actual idea like this on HB, shocking.
theircompetitor, Jun 17 2012


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