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Tension Pummeling Bed

A solenoid-activated bed of nails
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As you can see from the Summary, we start with a bed of nails. Only we turn the nails around, so that the pointy ends are down and the flat ends are what you lay on. And as you'll see in a moment, the nails aren't really nails....

Next, inside the frame where the nails are set, each nail is actually free to move up and down a couple centimeters. Each nail is actually the core-piece of a solenoid. Since the operation of a solenoid generally pulls on its core, we also need a special spring (nonmagnetic steel) that can push the nail/core back out of the solenoid when the power is off.

Now we hook all the solenoids to a computer-control system. When you lay down on this bed and activate it, waves of gentle pummelings will impact your body, hopefully giving your muscle tension a "knock-out".

Vernon, May 31 2013


       A dead pixel would be quite uncomfortable.
mitxela, Jun 01 2013


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