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Tectonic Bed

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This bed begins shaped roughly like pre history Pangaea - a neat fitting conglomeration of all our continents in a delightful blob-like formation. By early morning, sections have slowly drifted out beneath the sheets to form the current positioning of our land masses as we would see them today on a map.

Each 'plate' with accompanying above sea level continent is made of mattress and elevates above the 'sea' areas about 6 inches, so as you may remain asleep throughout the millenia, yet still be noticably participating in the Earth's formation. The bed is quite large (one shouldn't scrimp when it comes to colossal nocturnal recreations) and measures somewhere in the region of 4 queen size mattresses joined together.

The sheet on top is folded into the divots between the shifting continents so that at bed time it appears as one land mass, but by morning dyed blue sections appear as they float away from one another.

A series of pneumatic or steam powered armatures slowly separate the continents over a 7-9 hour period.

Tomorrow morning you may find yourself somewhere asleep in the Pacific with your head resting softly on the north island of New Zealand and on Thursday your wife may appear somewhere in India whilst you snuggle softly the east coast of Australia.

No matter where you wake up it will certainly be a talking point to liven your commute to the gristle factory.

benfrost, Sep 26 2005

Estimation of your night's sleep http://pubs.usgs.go...ext/historical.html
triassic period may induce snoring [benfrost, Sep 26 2005]


       watch out for southern india   

       or ouch, italy is worse
po, Sep 26 2005

       Watch out for those subduction zones...
Adze, Sep 26 2005

       Nice exhibition by the way, [benfrost]. I stopped by there on saturday morning, but saw your stuff through the window.
neilp, Sep 27 2005

       I'm worried about the volcanoes.
jonthegeologist, Sep 27 2005

       I'm worried about the dripping hard-on Florida has for Cuba.
jurist, Sep 27 2005

       Man, I hate that damn gristle factory! [+]
DocBrown, Sep 27 2005

       thanks neilp, we kind of threw it together, but it worked out ok. :)
benfrost, Sep 28 2005

       Bad enough having to sleep on the damp spot, but those hot geysers in Iceland are a bastard.
Mis-read title - expected a humourless, immaculately-engineered bed that played "Deutschland uber alles" all through the night.
coprocephalous, Sep 28 2005


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