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Step Mattress

For more comfortable spooning.
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In a relationship where two people who are romantically involved share the same bed, there is a fundamental problem with sleeping position. In order for the two lovers to be in contact while they sleep, there are only three reasonable configurations to choose from:
1. Couple holding each other face to face.
2. Couple sleeping back to back.
3. One partner holding other partner.

The second lacks a desirable physical connection, and the first involves breathing in each other's face throughout the night. The problem with the third method is that while one partner is comfortable, the other has a head of hair in their face (assuming the other partner possesses said hair). The step mattress solves this problem.

The step mattress is in every way a normal mattress, except for one half being higher than the other by about an inch. In the center is a sharp drop-off from the high side to the low side. This allows the spooner (person holding other person) to be slightly higher than the spoonee, avoiding the hair in face issue.

<modification> I've realized that this doesn't allow for a curled-up position. Instead of the entire half raised, it should be sloped, starting about an inch high near the head and ending flush with the rest of the bed at around waist level.</modification>

Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

//one partner is comfortable, the other has a head of hair in their face// http://images.amazo...KKZ.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
Doesn’t just happen in bed [AO, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

dual articulating bed http://www.adjustab...adjustable-bed.com/
partners can roll over without switching sides [joking victim, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Wouldn't this rather exacerbate the "dead arm" syndrome associated with spooning in this way. Your trapped arm would not only be stuck under a heavy object, it would be angled downwards and go all pins-and-needlesy more quickly.
squeak, Mar 09 2004

       I fold my arm under my own pillow, so this wouldn't be an issue. It also helps lift my head a little bit higher than my wife's, but not as much as the step mattress. Sure I could use a larger pillow, but a neck ache would surely ensue.<\ admitting I have the sucker side of this deal>
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       Hmmm. Wouldn't the step be uncomfortable for the party on the bottom should this position be adopted whilst, er, partying?   

       // party on the bottom // I don't believe I just said that...
saker, Mar 09 2004

       :-) The bed's wide enough to use either side conventionally. A platform at another level may actually be useful if you're creative. //party on the bottom// which clearly you are.
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       Issue inter-locking love handles to add to the err...spooning
skinflaps, Mar 09 2004

       Check, and Check.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 09 2004

       [sf] This device is designed for sleep. I'm sure you'll find a way to align love handles whenever you'd like.   

       Although this does bring up a flaw - I don't sleep straight as a board, which would be required to stay on the top half. See <modification />.
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       For exactly the reasons you’ve described I am not a huge fan of the spooning sleep position (so much so that when I put away cutlery I lay the spoons out next to each other allotting each enough space to rest in comfort, hence the need for king-sized kitchen drawers, but that’s a different story.) I believe adding a step, slant, slope, or anything else to disrupt the flatness of the mattress would only increase the discomfort.   

       Rather than a vertical displacement of one partner, have you considered a horizontal offset? (I don’t mean sleeping further apart, although that might also work.) If the spoonee were to squoosh down toward the foot of the bed, his or her hairy head would then be in line with the upper thoracic region of the spooner, leaving the spooner free to breath while maintaining the nested configuration.
AO, Mar 09 2004

       [AO] Very intriguing, but I'm not sure how my wife would take me wrapping my arms around her head.   

       [AO]'s link: Ha! Poor Garfunkel.   

       [tsu] //put that arm elsewhere// Where?! Morning dead arm is a not infrequent occurrence.
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       You wouldn’t necessarily be wrapping your arms around her head. With the top of her head just below the level of your chin, your arm would probably engage her torso at sternum level. (Sorry if I’m making any incorrect assumptions about the size of her head or the length of your arms.)
AO, Mar 09 2004

       Looks like I have a bunch of experiments to perform. [AO]'s and [tsu]'s just require correct positioning, and I'll have to get a wedge of foam to try mine. Any other suggestions?
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       “Dear, I’d like to try some experiments in bed tonight, I hope you don’t mind. It involves some new positions. Oh yes, also a large piece of foam rubber. Don’t worry, I’ve already discussed the details on the internet.”
AO, Mar 09 2004

       So you're saying I shouldn't ask if I can post pictures of the experiments' results?
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       Preliminary experiment results:
[AO]'s method worked well and reduced hair issue, though position was strange and didn't allow for curling.
My interpretation of [tus]'s method left me somehow reducing circulation to my legs.
At this time I have been unable to procure a wedge of foam.
Worldgineer, Mar 10 2004

       Glad to hear you found time for some sleep and I'm sure your significant other was happy to have you join them, even if you were thinking of me. I had misread your description completely and somehow interpreted //other direction// as jutting out behind me (and can't at the moment figure out exactly how I came to that conclusion). It looks like further experimentation is required.
Worldgineer, Mar 10 2004


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