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Teeth Whitening CPR Dummy

Your teeth become whiter as you learn the life saving art of CPR
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instamatik, Jan 25 2013

dummy http://instamatik.t...m/image/29554505580
no charge has been made for this service [po, Jan 26 2013]


       [+] , although sadly the mouth-to-mouth part of CPR is now not recommended - just chest compressions.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2013

       What is with you and your inability to post a link properly? I know the FlyingToaster has walked you through this in your other post.
Brian the Painter, Jan 26 2013

       Maybe that's the reason...hahahaha.
blissmiss, Jan 26 2013

       I thought this was for babies - no teeth as yet?
po, Jan 26 2013

       I imagine something like this: the cleaning process starts when the user press the nose, in fact a manual pump, releasing whitening fluids into the dummy's mouth. Properly chest pressing activates a timer that runs a set of electric brushes strategically located for contact with the user teeth while mouth to mouth action. When the timer expire, the brushes stop. Improper timing will stop the brushes too. Beter CPR, whiter teeth. Cleaning set not included.   

       But it's not mi idea.
piluso, Jan 26 2013


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