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Teflon toilet bowl

Keep your toilet clean with this sucker.
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I really feel embaressed going to the bathroom, especially in someone else's house, and leaving something behind after flushing. i think if toilet bowls could be lined with teflon then nothing would stick and there would never be any need to clean it of the dirty stains and such. anybody know of any problems with this?
nratzan, Jun 11 2003

Baked, I'm afraid! http://www.fluppet.demon.co.uk/Invention/
The one hit google returned. [Pseudonym #3, Oct 04 2004]


       //leaving something behind after flushing// Isn't that what the toilet brush is for?
silverstormer, Jun 11 2003

       They do this on airplane toilets....
melvin_j, Jun 11 2003

       Basic toilet design has lagged behind almost everything else. Top engineers like Worldgineer don’t seem attracted by the field. But why not? It’s a big market -- like mops, another un-sexy product. There are huge mop battles going on right now on the TV wastelands, millions and millions being spent on advertising, and mops predate toilets by millennia. So lets get with it. A Teflon toilet with a USB connection. Or, why not a combination toilet/coffee maker?
pluterday, Jun 11 2003

       Silly [pluter], all the good toiletgineers have moved to Japan.
Worldgineer, Jun 11 2003

       [toiletgineer] If we keep sitting on our nates, we’ll get so far behind in fundament technology that foreign interests will own our means of excretion.
pluterday, Jun 11 2003

       Why fight it? Have you seen the heated, vibrating, self-cleaning (yourself and itself), musical toilets they have over there? Whereas here we're but a small step beyond outhouses. I say we'd get a better start at stealing their technology rather than starting from scratch.
Worldgineer, Jun 11 2003

       Speaking of engineering toilets, i think it ought to be HIGHLY researched sociologically and psychologically. I mean, you're messing with the way we excrete things, an act that happens very ritually and which I believe has many impacts of huge proportion on the psyche. I just like playing with ideas, but engineering toilets is scary. Think of getting wiped every time, all the time, your whole life. Don't you think that would be something meaningful to a person and that that would change them drastically compared to say, wiping one's own butt. Huh?
nratzan, Jun 11 2003

       I renig my croissant not cuz it's baked, but because it's an unethical idea. not like animania was, but, that's why it's deleted. anywho...
nratzan, Jun 11 2003

       The toilet ritual... The necessity of it throughout all time sorta makes you wonder why there was never a primitive 'porcelain god,' altar, incense, sacrifices, etc. to accompany it.
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2003

       [nratzan] maybe you need to get some of that spray on Teflon stuff. But don't go crazy with it - stay scientific. After draining your own toilet and drying it off, cover one side of the bowl with masking tape. Liberally apply Teflon spray to the other. After it dries remove the tape and refill. Now the Taco Bell. Soon you will know if your idea has merit. If so, treat the other half of your own bowl - as a courtesy to your houseguests, and also as a promotional aid for your new service. You could have a white van with a smug, satisfied toilet bowl on the side.
bungston, Jun 11 2003

       “Oh my god, what’s that awful stain?”
“Nratzan reneged his croissant.”
<horrified> "But why did he have to do it here?"
pluterday, Jun 11 2003


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