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The Double Down

A toilet with a recepticle for vomit as well as your other end
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All clubs and bars should have these, for when you're really extremely drunk. Also for home. I conclude this after my own expereiences with the flu at age twelve. On Christmas morning. Major uncoolness.

The second, smaller bowl would come out and up to the side, placing it in a convienent position for you to let forth your stomach contents. A water jet directed over the bullseye engraved in the porcelain should clean things up.

Eugene, Mar 05 2005


       Yes. Right by the toilet, should be connected in fact.
Eugene, Mar 09 2005

       This would be handy when I get the stomach flu. But I can see how having them in bars would only encourage the patrons to overdo a little.   

       "let forth" hehehe funny
k_sra, Mar 09 2005

       The second, smaller bowl would come out and up to the side, placing it in a convenient position for you to smell someone else's vomit, thus inducing vomit, ad infinitum.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 09 2005

       See, it's efficient.
Eugene, Mar 11 2005

       I'd like to see FarmerJohn have a shot at rendering this. I envision a thing like a toilet but caught in mid-divide like a cell replicating itself.
Soterios, Mar 11 2005

       You have grasped the essence of it.
Eugene, Mar 12 2005


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