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TV Screen saver

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This TV will have a webcam and movement detection software ( head-tracking s/w) builtin. In screen saver mode, TV will display a human face. As you move around in the room, face will turn towards you. It will detect patterns in the movements. If there is frequent movement, it will say things like "stop moving around". It you are jumping, it will be able to detect it. It will say things like "Stop jumping around." If you are sitting too long on couch, it will advice to sit elsewhere. Once you did that, it will thank you,; It will show intelligence trying to imitate human.
VJW, Feb 10 2012


       So, a Microsoft Kinect that encourages inactivity?
RayfordSteele, Feb 10 2012

       // It will show intelligence trying to imitate human. //   

       You've already shown the inverse, so why not?
Alterother, Feb 10 2012

       This is Great Art. It's well known that the mark of a good painting is that the eyes follow you around the room. Leonardo would undoubtedly have done the talking picture thing, too, had he been able.
mouseposture, Feb 11 2012


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