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Telemarkters-Stay-Out Buzz

A last reminder
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There are registers around where you supposedly can tell telemarketers to leave you alone, but apparently it doesn't really make a difference. If a telemarketer calls you can still get into a lengthy legal battle. When did you register? Did the telemarketer have time to download the information? Was the call just an error? Who wants to spend that much time on complaining about a phone call?

From a users point of view it would be easier to register with the local phone company so instead of the normal buzz for ringing the caller hears the message "If you are telemarketer hang up" --- "If you are telemarketer hang up" ... Now the there is no doubt when a telemarketer violates your privacy. The system works from the moment you register. No more excuses like "not enough time to process registration". The local phone company also records the phone number of the caller together with the fact that the warning was on at the time of the call. Now more loop holes, you can sue right away.

kbecker, Jan 05 2004


       Tough luck for the telemarketing company. The dialer called, the message was there, the dialer didn't hang up, court time! They just have to make their dialing systems smarter.
kbecker, Jan 05 2004

       Do you have to personally sue? Cant you just inform the 'better buisness bureau' or whatever, to do the sue'n for ya?
v0rtexx, Jan 06 2004

       //Do you have to personally sue?// I asked BBB and the phone company because I get a particularly obnoxious kind of calls. They are just recordings and even talk to my answering machine (costs me extra money while I'm on the road and poll it). BBB said unless I had an address etc. They couldn't do anything unless I first ....   

       You see why I wanted to have the process simplified.
kbecker, Jan 06 2004


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