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Telemarketer Occupier

Intelligent Technology To Occupy A Telemarketer
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When a telemarketer calls...

* A built-in Caller ID device will recognize that the caller isn't someone you already know (i.e. a telemarketer).

* Upon recognition that a telemarketer is calling, a computerized system will answer the phone. Using advanced artifical intelligence technology and an idea from Douglas Adams' novels, the system will respond with "What?" and "I don't understand that." to each of the telemarketer's sentences.

autgg, Apr 15 2004


       //Intelligent Technology To Occupy A Telemarketer//   

       The Halfbakery.
skinflaps, Apr 16 2004

       In general, I will give a bun to any anti-telemarketer device: + . We employ a similar system in our household. Hand the phone to four-year-old child until who yammers on until telemarketer hangs up. Won't work any longer, though. Child is now eight years old, and won't take telemarketer calls.
booleanfool, Apr 17 2004

       I manually occupy telemarketers now. I hope every apprieciates my sacrifices for your benefit :).
0xdeadc0de, Jul 19 2004


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