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Telephone cable theft detection

Cos it's not nailed down...
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Surprisingly, in my locale, the multicore telephone cables, running down the main road are often stolen.
Nationally, it's a big problem.

If a couple of spare cores were used as a loop back (at one end of the long cable, they are shorted together, and at the other open end, power is applied to one core, and a relay is energised continuously by the returning core), then it would be an easy matter to let all hell loose when the cable is cut, and the relay is de-energised.

On longer runs, multiple loops could be used, that are shorted at different points. That way, the location of the cut could be roughly determined.

Any further spare cores could be used to string the bastards up.

Ling, Jun 22 2006


       Okay, I don't know a whole heap about electric stuff, but couldn't you solve this problem by running , say, 1500 volts through one of the cores? No need for any tele-lynching. Just fry the f**kers. (Or would that interfere with the telephone signal? Maybe DC?)
m_Al_com, Jun 22 2006

       Pardon me for being nieve but I always thought that "cable theft" meant tapping the signal and using it illegally.. but from what you are telling me, people are stealing the ACTUAL physical cable wiring! That sounds INSANE but it must be very profitable.
Jscotty, Jun 22 2006

       um, put the power lines and phone cables in the same bundle. when the thief cuts into it, zap.
tcarson, Jun 22 2006

       It would be simple if they used connectors at intervals along the line ( say 50 ft.)- the connectors would need locking capabilities to deter theft at a connector. We a section is stolen, you just follow the live line till the break, and plug in your new 50 ft. section. The line could be fixed in minutes once the crew arrives.
tatmkr, Jun 22 2006

       The cost of a connector every fifty feet would be outrageous.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 23 2006


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