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teleporting from one place to another
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Chip implant in person's brain that allows a person to think of a place and then travel.
Seneca, Apr 14 2015

Brain Computer Interface http://www.fastcomp...our-mind-reading-pc
[MechE, Apr 14 2015]



       [Seneca], you got here ten years ago. You've read the help file by now.
normzone, Apr 14 2015

       too magic [m-f-d]
xandram, Apr 14 2015

       Second the [Marked-For-Deletion] Magic/Bad Science.   

       The first half isn't completely impossible. We're, maybe, on the edge of being able to put chips in someone's brains that respond to thoughts at that level of detail. To the best of my knowledge, the closest we've come is devices that respond to a specific trigger thought with a pre- programmed result (e.g. thinking "Ah" causes the mouse cursor to move right, see link). That's very different from being able to identify a place from a person's memories of it, but it's probable that we will eventually get there.   

       Then comes the second half, human teleportation. That is pure SF without a theoretical basis behind it.
MechE, Apr 14 2015

       If it has to be instantaneous to qualify for teleportation, then no. But otherwise this totally works and you do not even need the implant. I can do it with a sticker; I used the one off a banana. Just put it on, think of a place, and travel! Did it this morning and I even stuck the sticker on a cereal box, not on my head.
bungston, Apr 14 2015

       I can actually see this working. Once you think of a place, the chip prevents you from forming any new memories until you arrive at that place. The last thing you'd remember was being elsewhere, and then suddenly you're here now. From your perspective, it's teleportation!
ytk, Apr 15 2015

       Interesting. Possibly even remembering some of the teleportation experience is fine too. Think of a place, a few moments later a black bag and baton beatings render unconsciousness, a long van-ride, and a boot out the door of the vehicle once you arrive. Wake up at your destination. The chip could be implanted in some ruby red slippers for faster time to market.
LimpNotes, Apr 15 2015


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