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Telepresence for Dolphins

What would they do if they had access to hands?
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As our technical expertise grows, in terms of interpreting brain waves to control hardware (such as the linked telepresence robot), it behooves us to consider other sources of brain waves than our own. It is widely known that dolphins have highly capable brains, for example.

While I'm not the first to suggest giving dolphins robotic hands, I'm suggesting something somewhat different here. A telepresence robot is an entire body that is remotely controlled. If it was controlled by brain waves, then in theory the brain could control all sorts of things that an ordinary biological body lacks. For example, in terms of humans controlling such a robot, what if the robot was a flying drone? Your body can't fly, but you could mentally tell the drone to move forward or left or ....

So, if a brainwave-controlled telepresence robot for a dolphin was equipped with arms and manipulators, what might the dolphin do with them? To Be Determined, of course!

Vernon, Jan 14 2017

Primitive telepresence robot http://www.doublerobotics.com/
Not yet controlled by brain waves, but this art can only improve with time. Think about all those quadraplegics out there! [Vernon, Jan 14 2017]

so long... https://en.wikipedi...ks_for_All_the_Fish
and Thanks for All the Fish [popbottle, Jan 14 2017]


       Great .... this ain't gonna help the queues in the fish-and-chip shops, [Vern] ...
8th of 7, Jan 14 2017

       I was hoping it would be a set of robotic dolphins in two places. Each would copy the motions and sounds of the dolphin on the other side of the world.
Voice, Jan 14 2017


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