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Telescopic Sink Plug Hole

Raise the hole instead of putting a plug in it.
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Tubes already exist that can be pushed into the plug hole in a sink, so that when the water level reaches the rim, it overflows down and out through the waste pipe.

I want this tube to be telescopic and permanently replace the entire plug hole, so that it can be pulled up to any height. The sink can then be filled to whatever preset level is selected, with certainty and without constant monitoring.

Why? If I knew that I wouldn't be here.

Could be baked already, but unable to find. [Marked-For-Suspicion]

xenzag, Sep 06 2006

Mit Abfluss http://www.bochem.d...2-Sp%FClbecken.html
[Shz, Sep 07 2006]


       Assuming its not baked, it seems like an ok idea. Maybe it would be better for bathtubs rather than sinks, but it could work.
Hunter79764, Sep 06 2006

       Yup, I think I would find this more useful for bathtubs. +!
wiml, Sep 07 2006

       While I can think of a way to do this, I have no idea what to search for to see if it's Baked.
DrCurry, Sep 07 2006

       "Abfluss", obviously. <link>   

       I've seen this method used in gardening and pools, but always with a fixed length tube. +
Shz, Sep 07 2006

       Bar sinks use these alot but they are normally fixed length. The other place these are used is on clarifier tanks in waste water treatment plants and they are at least a little adjustable.   

       Only problem I see is that you would have a pole permantly fixed in the middle of your sink that would preclude using it for larger items.
jhomrighaus, Sep 07 2006

       There is normally a small hole near the rim in front or back depending on model that I believe is used mainly for air flow in helping the sink drain ( anyone have any idea what that thing is called? And I don't want to hear, "Air hole"). But it is also used for preventing the sink or tub from overflowing. To achieve an adjustable capacity in the level of water that you want you have this be an adjustable hole that slides up or down in a waterproof track. No nasty pole in the way to poke your eye out when rinsing you face..
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 07 2006

       //small hole near the rim //overflow hole? works pretty well.   

       sorry, but this would be the devil to keep clean.
po, Sep 07 2006

       I think [NotTheSharpestSpoon] has the better refinement, and if the "overflow hole on a slider" can go right down level with the base, then this also makes the use of a separate plug unnecessary. Have we just invented a new type of sink?   

       If the slider was snail shaped with a gaping mouth, you could pull it up and down with its feeler horns.... I feel a drawing may be required.
xenzag, Sep 07 2006

       if it aint broke, don't faucet or something...
po, Sep 07 2006

       Do you know what an automatic pipet washer is? It is an artifact of pure genius and simplicity.   

       A tall cylinder of water slowly fills from a tap. There is a wide tube leading from inside the cylinder at the bottom, almost all the way to the top, then down the outside, past the bottom into a sink.   

       When the water level reaches the top of the ^ , a siphon is formed which quickly drains the cylinder. The siphon sucks a little air at the end, and the cylinder restarts filling immediately, completing the cycle.   

       I REALLY wish I had invented it.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 08 2006


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