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The Kitchen Sink

Oveflow drain needed.
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Kitchen sinks need to have overflow drains. The manufacturers already put them into bathtubs and lavatory sinks, why can’t they do this for the kitchen too? I say this after my latest absent-minded kitchen-flooding adventure. I started filling the sink with hot sudsy water, then ran out to the porch to water a couple of plants. Then some weeds caught my attention, and needless to say, it was a little while before I went back in the house and discovered my little “disaster”. This has also happened when I’ve gotten involved in a phone call, etc. If kitchen sinks had overflow drains this never would happen.
TeaTotal, Jul 09 2002

(?) Why (some) sinks don't have overflows http://www.startrib...es/397/2617236.html
[DrCurry, Jul 09 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Baked. Mine has. I thought they all had.
angel, Jul 09 2002

       Thanks for the link, DrC. Just took another look at my sink. The division between the double sinks is the same height as the rim, so that doesn't solve the problem. I think the idea about germs is silly - what about the regular drains in the sink bottom, or about garbage disposers? I would think the germs would be there, too.
TeaTotal, Jul 09 2002

       My cat (I believe) managed to flood our kitchen one time we were away (the single lever tap was very loose, and our best guess is the cat knocked it while climbing on the counter; we now have a much stiffer tap). So I'm right there with you. (Although we have had a sink with an overflow in the past.)
DrCurry, Jul 09 2002

       Take a sink stopper and drill out a 15mm hole in the centre. Jam into the hole a length of 15mm water pipe which is not quite as long as your sink is deep. Insert modified stopper into drain-hole.
angel, Jul 09 2002

       Try a automatic pressure sensing drain. If the sink gets to full the drain plug opens up. Also closes when fully drained. I think they're also referred to as automatic drains.
dag, Jul 09 2002

       Oh sure, you worry about too much water in the sink... my problem is I want to get rid of those drain overflow things in the bathtub. My tub only fills half full before the water starts seeping out. It's really annoying.
Aurora, Jul 09 2002

       We have overflow drains on sinks in England. And in China.
gizmo_man, Jul 10 2002

       mines not china, its stainless steel
po, Jul 10 2002

       <top gag> That made me laugh...like a drain! </top gag>
gizmo_man, Jul 10 2002

       //stainless steel sinks//
Of course it does, it's fairly heavy.
angel, Jul 10 2002

       [Aurora] I'm with you on the bathtub thing. Maybe you should try bathing in the sink?
Matty, Jul 10 2002


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