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Telescopic fingers

A handy device
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Mechanical telescopic fingers either built into special gloves or implanted in the flesh itself (by a qualified telescopic finger doctor). This would afford the wearer a wide range of useful capabilities. For instance, rather than shouting at a friend on the other side of the street, one could simply extend a slender finger over the 20 foot distance and tap one's chum on the shoulder (it would be necessary to keep an eye out for fast-moving lorries while the finger crosses the road).

The fingers could also be used to poke smug spiders on high ceilings, pick leaves from the tops of trees and scratch menacingly on the second floor windows of people you don't like.

Powered by a battery (a clockwork version could be produced for poor people).

WARNING: Do not extend telescopic fingers near overhead power lines or when picking nose. The author accepts no responsibility for injury or death caused by electrocution or brain impaling.

jings, Apr 02 2004


       Telescopic magic - I seriously doubt we have the technology to build a finger that could extend 20 feet without buckling, let alone be implanted. I'll stick with those extending grippers that old folks and store clerks use to pick things up.
DrCurry, Apr 02 2004

       If this idea got baked, you could buy one scotch and coke and top up all night for nix!
cromagnon, Apr 02 2004

       Like Inspector Gadget?
Did Anyone consider the possibilities of inspector gadget porn, "Go Go Gadget...", i'll leave it at that!
MikeOliver, Apr 02 2004

       "Go go gadget eyeball repair kit..."
Detly, Apr 02 2004

       You could market it as the "fingerlonger" everybody would want one. This could spawn a black market weapons business, Cyanide tipped fingers won't be far behind
whatastrangeperson, Apr 03 2004


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