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Third arm

Attached to headband, controlled by eyebrows
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Sporting a turret mounted solder dispenser, magnifier, spot lamp and multimeter probe.
neelandan, Dec 17 2001

Stelarc's third arm http://www.stelarc....au/third/third.html
This guy has got his third arm already. Now he's looking for a second set of ears. [TeaInTheAfternoon, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Youbionic's extra arms https://mobilesyrup...printer-prosthetic/
They have a version that mounts two forearms with hands onto one of your wrists, and a version that mounts one whole arm onto your upper arm (which is what I want). [notexactly, Jan 23 2019]


       Where can I buy one, [neelandan]?   

       My only concern is that just one extra arm may not be enough.
cp, Dec 17 2001

       And poking myself in the eye.
phoenix, Dec 17 2001

       [Deleted indignant sqawk at PeterSealy's "Halfbaked!" cry.]
neelandan, Dec 18 2001

       Youth among sailors, UB?   

       You might consider transferring it to your belt, if you want it to wipe your arse. In that case a preprogrammed sequence would be preferable. "Both eyebrows together and up = wipe arse. Left down, Right screwed = hold drainage apparatus in appropriate position." The possibilities are endless.   

       This, however, is for people who lash up electronic circuits before committing to the full blown design of a printed circuit. Many a time I have added one more wire to a joint only to find that three wires spring out.   

       RT & cp, it seems, share my sentiments.   

       Phoenix: the system will have built in stops to avoid poking yourself in the eye.   

       [Deleted ominous sentence mentioning a Gatling Gun]
neelandan, Dec 19 2001

       Don't worry, Peter's mostly 'armless...
cp, Dec 19 2001

       Within the past couple of years, I saw some research project where they made 3D-printed arms with hands, that mounted onto the arms of a person with typical arms, to assist with tasks. I don't think what I found just now [link] is it, but it looks pretty similar in concept.
notexactly, Jan 23 2019

       Hmm, it doesn't seem very useful as it stands. I'm wondering if there's a way of creating maps of the motor and sensory homunculi which enable extra hands and then interfacing them to peripheral nerves somehow.
nineteenthly, Jan 23 2019

       Not sure I'd want a third arm. A third penis, though...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2019

       You could've had mine if you'd asked but there'd be bits missing.
nineteenthly, Jan 23 2019

       Wait, not that it's my business but how many.... never mind. I don't want to know.
Voice, Jan 23 2019

       Thanks anyway, [19thly], but I'm good.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2019


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