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Telescoping Space Elevator

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Having one very long cable going to Earth seemed too simple to me, so I decided to make it more complex by adding telescoping tiers to the standard space elevator, with larger tiers higher up, further away from earth's gravitational pull. The actual elevator will ideally snuggle nicely within the tiers when fully retracted.
notmarkflynn, Feb 10 2008

Not drawn to scale. http://i37.photobuc...nn/UglyElevator.jpg
[notmarkflynn, Feb 10 2008]


       Even with a diagram i am still baffled. Is this a cleverly disguised skyhook or some sort of badly rendered kinetic artwork.
WcW, Feb 10 2008

       <nemesis>Having no idea, what this idea actually is, I feel almost inadequate to deride it. However, I shall nevertheless rise to the challenge (not that you are ever a challenge) and laugh in the face of the puny irony in your idea's title.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Feb 14 2008


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