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Television Graffiti System

A TiVo® based System that will allow viewers to alter the image on their television screen...
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I watch TV daily. And like most viewers I've come to detest seeing certain talking heads.

I would LOVE to be able to freeze the TV screen (like you can with TiVo®) and add certain unflattering features to the faces.

It could be implemented by the remote control with a large cache of images such as arrows, forked tongue, horns, etc... stored in the system.

Once you've "doctored" the image to your liking, you could resume watching your program with the added changes you have made.

Please see my photo-shopped images via the links below...

veryvermilion, Apr 04 2007

Photo-shopped image of The Television Graffiti System http://home.earthli...rn/tomblog/id2.html
[veryvermilion, Apr 04 2007]

Genlock technology is quite an old concept... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genlock
[Jinbish, Apr 04 2007]


       Years ago, someone marketed a plastic film that stuck to TV screens, that could then be drawn on with wax pencils. I think it was in association with a particular children's program.   

       Anyway, now that so many of us are watching TV on our computers, sounds like something that could be knocked up pretty easily.
DrCurry, Apr 04 2007

       ...with added sound effects to complement of course i.e. blubbering incoherently like the village idiot. +
xenzag, Apr 04 2007

       + I really like this.
[DrCurry] I remember those plastic screens, I think it was an artist program for kids and I did it!
xandram, Apr 04 2007

       something like this could work via the Nintendo Wii
redpandainventor, Jul 29 2007


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