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eating incentive tableware
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These would be transparent plastic bowls or plates with a circular recess on the underside. A series of inexpensive color prints could be snapped into the recess, one at a time.

The thrill of having a familiar or new picture being revealed under the puree might make toddlers’ mealtimes easier and more fun. Even somewhat older children would enjoy finishing the soup or scraping up mashed potatoes and vegetables to view a hidden comic strip.

FarmerJohn, Dec 19 2002

Froggie cup http://www.freakyfr...collect/frogcup.jpg
It worked. [linguist, Oct 21 2004]


       I am told that, as a child, I had the famous Beatrix Potter bunny plates (handed down from older brother to me, then from me to younger sister [who then used them for *her* children {one of whom will presumably do similarly}]). I don't recall getting bored with the same picture every mealtime, but you can't be too careful.
angel, Dec 19 2002

       Next you'll be suggesting an LCD television screen moulded into the shape of a bowl. Yuk.
hippo, Dec 19 2002

       //The thrill of having a familiar or new picture being revealed under the puree might make toddlers// want to empty their bowls and plates very quickly, by inverting and letting all the food escape onto the table or floor!   

       Croissant anyway - I like it.
XSarenkaX, Dec 19 2002

       By the way, "Color Plates" doesn't do this idea justice, I think. How about something more along the lines of "Tem-Plates"?
XSarenkaX, Dec 19 2002

       [XSX], ours do that when there is no picture!   

       Can we adults join in too? A set of dinner plates with scenes from the Film Noir home, with side plates displaying some of Bris's and FJs finest (hullaballoon, bar bus, shearware, Orb-it etc.) would grace any table and make an excellent talking point.
egbert, Dec 19 2002

       XSarenkaX: I was also thinking of the plates of finely bound books but your title is better.
FarmerJohn, Dec 19 2002

       I could put in depressing images (like things from the news) so that I wouldn't want to eat. Now everyone is happy.
futurebird, Dec 19 2002

       Hmm... a naughty spouse picture under the dessert plate might do wonders in the hint-dropping department.
XSarenkaX, Dec 19 2002

       This idea has merit. My parents had a *froggie cup* for me as a child. As silly as that idea was it made me drink my milk to see the frog at the bottom of the cup. <link>
linguist, Dec 19 2002

       I had a Batman and Robin bowl. The duo were seen in classic pose running toward the viewer (not unlike the scene from Only Fools and Horses). I loved that bowl. Our dishwasher destroyed it earlier this year. There was a point to this but I've forgotten what it was.
egbert, Dec 19 2002


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