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Temperature Sensitive Paint

Your car changes color in rain, snow, sun, etc.
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I know the technology exists to make toy cars (i.e. Hotwheels) change color when exposed to different temperatures. What I want is a car coated with a paint that changes colors depending on the conditions in which it drives.

Perhaps there is a safety feature here. Imagine a car that turns bright yellow in the rain/snow, and when the sun is shining, reverts back to the cool shade of red you love so much.

IBBen, Sep 07 2000

(?) Mood Car http://www.halfbake..._20for_20your_20car
[Scott_D, Sep 07 2000]

thermochromic painted wall (with heating and cooling) http://www.newscien...s?id=mg18624957.100
[xaviergisz, Apr 27 2005]

patent WO 2004/113459 http://v3.espacenet...DX=WO2004113459&F=0
Thermochromic wall [xaviergisz, Apr 27 2005]

(?) grey2black@85deg http://www.zippyvid...hand_print_on_bike/
85 degree set temp. [suicidedoordavid, Jan 19 2006]

Buy the Temperature sensitive paint here http://www.paintwit...olorchangestore.htm
A Shopping page for Temperature sensitive color change paint. [paintwithpearl, Jul 22 2008]

(?) Affordable Thermochromic Temperature Change Paint http://www.thecoatingstore.com
These guys have the best price I have seen on temperature changing paint. Lots of good reviews also. [KustomKat, Nov 01 2010]


       Could be a bummer to find in the mall carpark if the weather changes though.
Alcin, Sep 07 2000

       For a tie dyed auto: During the Summer, dump ice or cold water on the car. In the Winter you could throw your coffee at it. Squirt guns would also create a cool effect.
Whole Baked, Sep 10 2000

       I had the same idea the other day, except I thought that i would paint the rooms in my house so that the color of the room would change depending on the the room temperature. So things like the number of people in the room, and the amount of electric and activity created heat would effect the color.   

Jethrokill, Sep 11 2000

       How about black in cold weather and white in warm weather, to control heat more effectively?
nick_n_uit, Sep 27 2000

       Involved in a desperate car chase? Duck through a carwash for a quick identity change.
centauri, Sep 27 2000

       Can anyone tell me who manufactures heat sensitive paint, or where I can get hold of this product.   

       Many thanks,   

       Barry Gower bjg@strawberrymoon.co.uk
bgower, Nov 08 2000

       Winner!!! See this is a good idea and I'm bettin' that within a few years there will be cars coated with a temperature sensitive paint.   

       Remember that you heard it here first. Wanna send a royalty check, contact me at I_Be_Ben@hotmail.com   

IBBen, Nov 18 2000

       You can still get iridescent paint, custom mixed to show whatever colors you want. It's -expensive-, though, something like 4500$ a gallon...
StarChaser, May 16 2001, last modified May 17 2001

       As far as i know the mustang paint stuff was scrapped because the paint... A) was ::VERY:: expensive B) chipped off very easily C) faded in a year D) could only be created readily in that save green/blue/purple set of colors.   

       I know a friend who blows more $ on his car in a week than i make in a year. His [insert expensive toy here] has that paint on it, but it looks more like a dalmation now. It's only a year old though.
Gecko, Feb 07 2002

       I am actually working on painting my jeep a thermochromic colors. Under 27 degrees celcius it will be red above that it will be purple. I have looked at the color shift cars and was gonna go with cryslers deep amyetheist. But thought this would be more fun. The paints for this were only about $350 not 4500 as someone reported. Ther thermochromics are expensive...
LadyRoni, Apr 11 2003

       I have actually seen and get ahold of paint that changes color due to temperature changes. Email me at ragincajuncustom@cox.net and I will send you example pictures and possibly an example video (if I can figure out how to upload it onto the e-mail). I can also have pricing.
lmayeux, May 05 2004

       i'm good friends with the creator of "trippininc"- the paint Imayeux is talking about.   

       look up at the links section.... grey2black@85deg is actual footage of this type of paint in action.   

       this vid is something i took a few months ago of a mini bike chris was painting for a customer who had the bike done with his show car. sort of a "touch my bike, but not my car please" type of set up.   

       the set temp change here is 85 F. check out www.trippininc.com for more info on color choices and such.   

       chris' paint is currently up for distibution throughout the custom paint market.
suicidedoordavid, Jan 19 2006

       I have placed an order that will be shipping to my customers in the beginning of August. I have the way for any Joe Schmoe to mix up your own Temperture sensitive pigments for about 100 bucks a quart. Use it to unhide graphics, to change from Black to White, etc. Mine changes at 86 Degrees F and is AWESOME. Look at the PaintWIthPearl link to the side. I have vids on YouTUBE and everything else.
paintwithpearl, Jul 22 2008


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