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house (interior) paint packaged with same-color spackle
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I've been thinking about this one for a long time, but I'm not sure how economical it really is, or the best way to package it.

I'm thinking, a regular can of paint (what are they, a gallon or so?) with a threaded bottom. Screwed onto the bottom is a sort of continuation of the can, about 2" high, filled with spackle that is the exact color match to the paint. This way, if you paint your drywall and a couple months down the line somebody puts a nail or their fist through the wall mistakenly, you can just spackle over the hole without repainting. (If you live in or have lived in a frat house, you know this happens all the time... at least, it did in mine)

Yes, there's probably some logistics problems, but i'll let you guys nit-pick the hell out of those.

p.s. Each can of 'spaint comes with a free spackle-knife thingy strapped to the top of it.

SquidInk, Jan 28 2003


       // a couple months down the line somebody puts a nail or their fist through the wall mistakenly... //   

       Outside of a frat house, I would wager this doesn't happen very often.
waugsqueke, Jan 28 2003

       [waugs] - don't make that bet. It happens. Seems like at least a third of humans can't be convinced that a quarter-inch long screw-hook won't hold a 40"x60" painting.
lurch, Jan 28 2003

       The solution I've seen to this in home decorating books is to mix the wall paint with the spackling. Worked fine the one time I tried it, but that was an age ago.
DrCurry, Jan 29 2003

       "paintackle" [blissmiss]? how could you miss the obvious commercial applications of a name like 'spaint? ('spaint being a conjunction of "it's paint", as well as spackle and paint)   

       mother: "hey honey, what is that new crud your plastering to our wall?"   

       father: " 'spaint!"
SquidInk, Feb 01 2003

       Better than   

       mother: " Hey honey, what was that noise? You OK?"   

       father: " Pain..tackle.."
egbert, Feb 01 2003

       This is good. Make it a whole kit by including (or having available) a proper color undercoat, or primer, for those colors that don't cover well. Looks like at least one of your good ideas wasn't taken by someone else.
bristolz, Feb 01 2003

       thx [bristolz]... i appreciate that. =)
SquidInk, Feb 07 2003


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