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Ten Gas Dollar Transportation System

$10.00 a Gallong Gasoline Transportation System
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Why don't they have a system around every major city/town where just before you leave town there is a "car rental and moped parking garage"

That way everyone could ride mopeds (100 MPG) around town to get from here to there; But for long distance trips they could rent cars.

I think this would do wonders for the economy, and with the upcoming election of a Democrat, could be government funded.

So why hasn't anybody done this yet?

leeand00, Aug 19 2008

Search for "vehicle free city" http://en.wikipedia...stainable_transport
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 20 2008]


       I see good intent here. I recommend writing more objectively and for a global audience; opinions of a United States political party and mentioning "the economy" detract from your idea. A better title might be "Government subsidized urban vehicle rental".   

       Putting these things aside, my bone reflects my confusion in why this should/"could" be "government funded". [-]   

       But yes, welcome to the HB.
ed, Aug 20 2008

       "They" are working on it, but most cities have evolved into what we see today with not enough thought given to just how big thay would become while they were still towns. [link]   

       Heard of Park&Ride? Big parking lots next to subway, train and/or bus stations on the outskirts of a city.   

       I've not heard of government funded moped rental, by some European cities have free bicycle rental in their downtown and/or historic districts.
piwoslaw, Aug 21 2008


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