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Tactical reserve buses for rail replacement

On-call bus fleet for when trains breakdown.
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Pretty much every day there is some kind of break down somewhere on the railways in London. Often there are not suitable alternative methods for travellers to get where they need to be. The methods that are available quickly become overwhelmed. This brings the inconvenience to the normal users of these routes too.

By contrast when there are planned closures of railway lines. There are buses available to provide a "rail replacement" service.

There should be a fleet of buses and drivers on standby that can attend unplanned railway closures to ease the problem.

How the railways cut short services is well defined. So working out the bus routes in advance shouldn't be too difficult. There could be a few groups of buses and experienced drivers based in different places around the city so that some can be on scene quickly with other arriving later as needed.

When the buses are not needed they could augment existing busy services, or help move people to special events such as football matches and exhibitions.

acemcbuller, Aug 06 2008

Hyrail http://www.wsr.org.uk/roadrail.htm
Like this [wjt, Aug 07 2008]


       Are you quite sure this isn't the system they already use?   

       <pedant> 'Breakdown' is a noun - to say 'when trains breakdown' is like saying 'when trains accident'. You meant: 'when trains break down' </p>   

       <reasonable> Shut up! No-one cares about how to compound words anyway - this is the web! After all, you understood, didn't you? </r>   

       <pedant> But if people don't stick to the rules of language then all meaning will eventually be lost and the world will end and... I'll get my coat. </p>
wagster, Aug 06 2008

       Do these buses have lowerable rail wheels to actually go on the track (Hyrail vehicles) ?.
wjt, Aug 07 2008

       Ian, the train should *push* the bus.
po, Aug 07 2008

       In fact "Breakdown" is a verb with ambiguous meaning used as a 'filler' by late 80's early-hiphop artists such as M.C. Hammer who, when they got to a bit of their song they hadn't got round to writing would shout "Breakdown!" and turn off everything except the drum machine for a few seconds.
hippo, Aug 07 2008

       Possibly - I confess to being unfamiliar with the KLF's oeuvre.
hippo, Aug 07 2008

       Is you plural now? ("I ... aren't ...")
hippo, Aug 07 2008

       sp. amn't
theleopard, Aug 07 2008

       Ian, you're In The Dark, then?
egbert, Aug 07 2008

       I think [Ian...] is Justied, and ancient (but that is another story).   

       [acem...] is that the last *bus* to trancentral?
4whom, Aug 07 2008

       When I first saw this idea I misread it as "Tactical reverse buses for rail replacement", which could also work.
hippo, Aug 07 2008

       A tactical reverse bus? Would that be one where you have to pay your fare in order to get off?
DrBob, Aug 08 2008


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