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Tent Staples

U shaped tent stakes
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Most individuals who have tent camping at least once in their lives have probably discovered the somewhat unsatisfactory nature of modern tent technology. Indeed, tents, like Microsoft products are unique in that these items are the only things on the market which are both essential for certain tasks, and have a 90% chance to fail before the product's initial setup is comlete.

One of three main fail points in a tent is the tent stakes. Many out-of-the-box "tent stakes" are little more than bent sections of metal coathangers. Besides the fact that these products are unable to penetrate the typical compacted surface of campground soil, there is the issue that a single curve on a wire isn't particularly good at holding down a loop. This leads to all manner of shenanegans when one's tent comes loose in a high wind.

In order to improve your camping experience, Virtucom is proud to provide the latest in aftermarket tent technology: The Tent Staple.

Constructed of fine grade, high-temper titanium rods, sharpened to a razor point, and shaped somewhat like extremely narrow wickets, the tent staple is sure to solve all your tent-securing needs.

Tent staples are lightweight, and sturdy due to their titanium construction. Tent staples will readily prevent your tent from coming loose, because a solid loop of titanium with either end buried several centimeters in the ground now holds the tent in place.

Act now, and get a free brochure explaining how tent staples can also be used in welding!

ye_river_xiv, Jul 17 2009

These look interesting http://images.googl...3D1%26newwindow%3D1
.... and only a quid each [xenzag, Jul 17 2009]

Playa Staples http://www.theblack...m/playastaples.html
That's Playa, as in, where the annual "Burning Man" festival takes place. Made out of forged steel rather than titanium, they're quite substantial, though, not lightweight. [jutta, Jul 17 2009]

Fence staples http://www.bfproduc...m.asp?idProduct=114
[afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 17 2009]

tent pegs review http://www.backpack...nt-pegs-review.html
should find what you are looking for here [xenzag, Jul 18 2009]


       A staple may not necessarily provide more grip than a single, well designed spike. What you need are anchoring barbs, which can be collapsed when you want to pull out the spikes. I'm certain that better tent pegs already exist, but a croissant is still deserved.
xenzag, Jul 17 2009

       //U shaped tent stakes//
sp. "Croissant-shaped tent stakes". [+]
coprocephalous, Jul 17 2009

       So, what are the other two?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 17 2009

       xenzang, I've only rarely had problems with the stakes gripping the ground. Most problems I've encountered now are with stakes unable to grip the loops, ropes, or rings of the tent. Factory-issued tent stakes on many models are just L shaped pieces of metal. Even in the best conditions, these tend to rotate in the ground under a stiff wind, and release their tent.   

       Maxwell, the other two main fail points are the fiberglass tent poles, which split like bamboo in the slightest breeze, and tent zippers, the teeth of which are always in dire need of orthodontic devices.   

       There are other fail points of course... discomfort, fire hazards, shoddy waterproofing, bulkiness, ill-fitting cases, and of course, the lack of both manservants and maidservants, the latter of which, if suitably discreet, could make exceptional improvements in one's outdoor recreation.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 17 2009

       A cheap and common version of this is fence staples, aka U-nails. But the largest are only 3 inches, which would only be useful in very compacted ground..
afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 17 2009

       // Even in the best conditions, these tend to rotate in the ground under a stiff wind, and release their tent.// this problem will be solved with the use of "v" pegs - see last link, which contains lots of excellent information about backpacking. (all from a UK perspective of course)
xenzag, Jul 18 2009


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