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arboreal mountain tent

A shelter that doesn't need to be put up on flat ground
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This one could be used in a few applications: for camping in low mountains and foothills, in the snow, over rocks and in areas where there are trees but the ground may be too uneven or muddy. Could be great for winter camping, for ski-touring and winter hiking.

The idea behind it: The arboreal mountain tent is sort of like a bivvy sack, which for anyone who doesn't know is a sort of half-tent/half-sleeping bag thing. Except it is suspended from the ground and stays upright in the same manner as a hammock and so is hung between two trees.

There is a line at the bottom that can connect to something on the ground to make sure that it stays upright, and the lines can be attached to the tree by come-alongs that can easily be disengaged and won't damage the tree.

Picture a kind of tent/hammock.

royalfoxbridge, May 24 2006

Tree tent http://www.drewapen...-102twotents600.jpg
Do you mean like this? [skinflaps, May 24 2006]

or something similar.... http://hammockbliss...om/20/cat20.htm?758
[xandram, May 24 2006]

Arboreal Mountain Hotel Tree_20Hotel
[DrCurry, May 24 2006]


       feck. back to the drawing board.
royalfoxbridge, May 24 2006

       These are so Baked, I even made a hotel out of them. In theory, anyway (see link).
DrCurry, May 24 2006


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