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Tent bed

bed with tent
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To sleep well, there seems to me to be four major factors: support, darkness, quiet and temperature control; notwithstanding psychological factors, or the comfort of a partner.

I propose a tent like enclosure constructed of soundproofing lagging material covered on the outside by a layer of high tech insulation, covered by a lightweight but hardy nylon; and the inside covered with silk. One would climb into it and zip it up. The tent which is suspended from the posts of the four-poster would be inflated during sleep by an environmental control computer; the ducts of the air vents would house a music system which would play soothing alpha envoking melodies as selected by the computer, mixed with white noise. The computer would have several inputs including infrared heat detection, motion detection, heart rate and breathing rate, and of course programmed awakening timer settings. One would sleep without blankets.

Amendments: 1. The silk inner layer clips off to clean. 2. The sleep computer can dispense O2, N2O, and coffee scent as needed. 3. The tent walls would be about 10-15cm thick. 4. The tent would have computer controlled lighting. 5. Perhaps Star Trek doors on each side: fwwit, tuwwf. 6. The bed could shower you in the morning (see Bath Bed.) 7. Portable version would fold into suitcase for use in Hotels. The airconditioning unit and computer would be housed in the suitcase. The portable tent would be high tech insulation only.

peterpeter, Nov 07 2002


       Cool, I'd feel like Michael Jackson (except with a nose). Is this tent machine washable? Does it have a failsafe?
"Open the pod bay doors, Hal. I gotta pee."
"I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
...What are you doing, Dave?"
Amos Kito, Nov 07 2002

       can you electrify my pen too.
Admiral Hackbar, Nov 07 2002

       //white noise// Alpinestars.
skinflaps, Nov 07 2002

       Ever since reading the Hitchhiker's Guide I cannot walk through automatic sliding doors without hearing 'wrrrrr... Thank you!' in my mind.   

       Personally, I need blankets in order to sleep. Something about a more balanced skin pressure I think between whichever side is on top and the bottom. Feels too weird to be exposed.
RayfordSteele, Nov 08 2002

       // Perhaps Star Treck doors //   

       Sp: "Trek". May you roast in Hell for all eternity for taking the name of the sacred Trek in vain.   

       Apart from that, not a bad idea, actually ....
8th of 7, Nov 08 2002

       I think you'd get so used to it that you'd never be able to sleep anywhere else ever again.   

       Having served on an aircraft carrier, I can literally sleep on a steel floor while planes take off and land on the roof.
phoenix, Nov 08 2002

rbl, Nov 08 2002

       JEBUS CHRIST! that would be incredibly expensive. it would cost many thousands of dollars for all of that. this is a neat high end idea, but it just is not practical to implement it. for making me jeoulous of rich peoples sleeping arrangements (and for talking about star trek and ruining my day) i give this a -
Name got took, Jun 12 2003

       Someone who enjoys pulling the blanket over himself like a tent just gave this a tasty pastry.
TerranFury, Feb 02 2004


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